Architecture & Construction:

Exterior cladding, MODULAR FACADES.


Interior Design:

Stores, Boutiques.

Shopping Centers and Public places.


Exhibitions, XXL Paintings.

Cladding of modular facades, walls and roofs with “Sublimated aluminum sheets” of different textures and images combined with plain colors.

Professionals for whom we work



Our best partners are always guards and experts in new material and technology for the construction in order to meet the challenge for their modular façade cladding projects, walls and roofs, providing a touch of creativity with Sublimation of all kind of structures and special designs of the material, on a material used in this sector for more than 100 years: Aluminum sheets.

Interior and Exterior Designers

They know how to introduce new textures, unique illustrations and personalized designs by covering the surfaces of their projects with Sublimated sheets/laminates of high durability Aluminium.

Interior Designers

They promote the Company image, creates pleasant and functional areas where we live, incorporating DESIGN+ in their range of high quality products for their interior projects and urban architecture.


Their language is translated into outlines where the areas are studied and designed according to the human activity, in the social and cultural fields and they propose innovative solutions to the “city´s ecosystem”. They collaborate with designers and inventors to materialize the perfect habitat for our housing, office, leisure area, etc…

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