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The range of ART-Luminium consists of 5 products that are created with Aluminum sheets previously coated with different high quality finishes and Designer/Customer chooses for his project or work the images, illustrations or textures sublimated on the top



Finish: GLOSS (soft)

Thickness of the base finish layer: 120µ

In the anti-graffiti process a hard and even film of an excellent resistance to external damages is obtained, which offers a maximum protection to the Sublimated image.

The anti-graffiti Surface is, “par excellence” the only finish that repels the “inadequate graffiti”.




Finish: HIGH GLOSS(intense)

Thickness of the base finish layer: 120µ

The product presents a finish with an extreme brightness of the image and a very vibrant reproduction of the color.

Finish suitable for indoor environments and ideal for outdoor environments due to the high luminosity that the image provides when daylight or streetlight are projected on it.

Undoubtedly, the Design+BTB is the best finish for projects for  Cladding of building facades with sublimations of one single color, or in combination with thematic images of the place chosen for the project.

Revestimiento de fachadas modulares



Finish: MATT (intense)

Thickness of  the base finish layer: 120µ

This finish is captivating due to the very intense colours  of the transferred image. A special adhesive together with the fabrication provides this effect that potentiates the brightness of the Sublimated image.

The finish is suitable for indoor and excellent for outdoor. Applications can be: Reproduction of pictures, images and XXL illustrations.

mural despacho


Finish: GLOSS (soft).

Thickness of the base finish layer: 60µ

This finish has less intensity of gloss than the Design+BTB, but it provides the same clarity of the sublimated images with clean and vibrant colour tones.  The perdurable gloss finish is suitable for indoors, providing brightness in the object/furniture, as for example in kitchen furniture or others, in dividing walls in office or premises, and in some XXL paintings where it is necessary to have less intense gloss.



Finish: MATT (soft)

Thickness of the base finish layer: 60µ

A good way to eliminate unwanted reflections in projects where the light of an interior environment plays an important role.

Although the matt texture gives a feeling of sobriety, the visualization of the reproduced makes it very pleasant. It is suitable for the reproduction of paintings and pictures exposed in interior spaces.

However any other application suggested is not excluded from this finish

Durabilidad del Producto

Product Durability

All our base finishes have been tested by an external Laboratory, through

the tests QUV-B y Q-SUN, obtaining results for durability in our 5 products of: 5 years, 10 years and superior to 15 years.

These periods will be determined for each Project we receive and for each product as the durability depends on the weathering conditions and the environment where the product is exposed as well as on the handling: cuts, perforations, bending and incorrect mechanized tools and end use of the product.

An efficient maintenance of the surface will extend the durability of the product.

Special film for Outdoors

Even though our products do no need any special film for protection of the climatic inclemencies, we have estimated to give ADDED VALUE to our DURABILITY, offering to the client the possibility of protect the sublimated sheets with a “Special Film for Exterior”.

Characteristics of the  Film

With UV inhibitors.
Protect the graphic images.
Suitable for large sizes.
Increased durability of the support where it is applied.
Protection against humidity, handling of the product and abrasion.
Resistant to water, oil, acids and alkaline products.
Can be punched.

Film protector

Protective Film

All our products are delivered with a high quality protective Film from

Once the product has been set up, the Film should be removed as soon as possible.

Mechanical Properties

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