With DESIGN+ we give functional and technical answers to the interior decorators and we leave it up to your imagination so any flat surface can be your canvas in:

  • PUBLIC PLACES: Official organizations; educational institutions, medical centers, sport areas, shows,  leisure facilities, malls …
  • CULTURAL PLACES: Congress centers, exhibition areas, scenography cinematography buildings and museums …
  • PRIVATE PLACES: Residential areas, small and middle-sized businesses, office buildings and private offices, hotels, restaurants …

Interior furniture

Where there is a dynamic change, sometimes means to forget the already established and create a new concept of environments where the furniture has another type of design, including new functional and attractive materials as are the products DESIGN+.

New structures, images and plain Sublimated colors, which do not exist in the color charts, but only in the nature or in your imagination, can make the difference, between an excellent solution or the common solution for a building or a project.

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