The excellence of our Manufacturing Process is a result of the thorough and continuous Quality Control we carry out:

  • Control of the appearance, gloss and layer thickness (µ).
  • Test of: Adherence, Embossing and Bending
  • Impact test.
  • Accelerated ageing and corrosion test.


All our processes accomplish internal and external Standards to meet the quality that we require of the products that we manufacture.

One of our goals is to assume the commitment to follow the requirements and improve the efficiency of the quality system.

The partners and the staff in our factories are directly involved and know their responsibilities to reach the objectives set up in our quality policy.

The communication with our customers is mainly based on giving them the best service and a professional advice on their projects.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability becomes effective in all of our manufacturing processes by using at all times the methods and the best technology in order to assure the minimum environmental impact according to the current laws.

We accomplish the current environmental legislation, applicable to our industrial activity.

Likewise, we accomplish and we have the Integrated Environmental Authorization,ACIC-MO-AAI-2.019/14 – 10-AM-00057.7/07, as well as the QUALANOD certification.

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